The North™ Merch

£2.00 - £12.00 / Sold Out

The bi-product of an audacious application to trademark ‘The North’ and the following brand launch from our ‘london office’ – to mixed reception: www.TheNorthTM.com. TheNorth™ is a bold new vision for The North… that you never asked for.

This very limited run of Tshirts, tote bags and badges were created as part of These Northern Types and each comes with a brief description of the spoof.

A Statement from TheNorth™:

“Inspired by the fantastic success in recent years of increased corporate branding and ownership of the public realm1, we decided it was the right time to seize the zeitgeist and leverage the value potential of renewed interest in The North.

We want to plant a flag, to give real direction and purpose to the identity of the region in a way that only we could. We want to be a disruptor in the marketplace. We want to offer a bold new vision for the blank slate that is the North of England.

There are many charming and well meaning local brands using the north as their inspiration, but we feel our experience and prestige is needed to offer a truly exciting and inspirational vision for The North™, modelled on the very best London has to offer. We can’t wait to share more with you soon…”

– Joseph King-Ludifico, Creative Visionist, TheNorth™