These Northern Types Book


17 individual books, featuring a wide range of beautiful paper stocks, foils and finishing techniques, encased in a black card die-cut box with black foil. These Northern Types is the book from the project of the same name and includes 17 typographic artworks by Oli Bentley, each with an accompanying essay from a range of authors, academics and poets, including multi-award winning author Benjamin Myers and writer and musician Boff Whalley.

“Ambitious, expansive, and inventive… These Northern Types feels like an important sociological project… No one project can ever adequately summarise the state of a nation, but These Northern Types is as good an attempt as you’ll see all year.”
— It’s Nice That

“Beautiful to look at yet uncompromising and direct… These Northern Types offers a taste of the north that is unparalleled since someone in Wigan decided to put a meat and potato pie between a barn cake”
— The Independent

What does it mean to be from the north – or any place – in a globalised world? Where the’s muck, is the’ still brass? Do we tolerate less bullshit than others? Has the St George’s Cross become a symbol of racism? Is making do and mending consigned to the history books? Where’s the line between being proud of where we’re from and making others feel excluded? What are we forgetting? Who’s looking to exploit our attachment to place? Do you want gravy on your chips? Or curry sauce?

“Ambitious in the best sense of the word, These Northern Types is nothing less than a frequently discursive disquisition on the nature of Northernness as unapologetically contrary as the North itself.” — Northern Soul

The project covers the making of ur World Record-holding printing press, the People Powered Press (with a giant new typeface cut from steel to match), and printing on life jackets used by migrants making the journey to Europe; to making inks from chip shop gravy powder and curry sauce and submitting an audacious application to trademark ‘The North’. These Northern Types is a thought-provoking and ambitious collection of typographic works that simultaneously celebrates northern identity whilst asking searching questions about our relationship to place today.


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